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The currency market is where traders and investors exchange government-issued currencies. With over $6 trillion in daily transaction volume, the Forex market is, without doubt, the largest financial market in the world. In Forex, the phrase ‘money never sleeps’ applies; the market has no centralized location and is conducted OTC (over the counter), which means traders can speculate on their favorite currencies round the clock. For example, a trader may wish to exchange the euro for the Australian dollar or maybe the US dollar for the South African rand. Investors purchase and sell currencies in an effort to earn profits from market fluctuations.

Lloyds Capital provides access to a wide array of currencies. Trade major currency pairs, including the GBPUSD, AUDUSD and USDJPY. You will also be able to choose from a variety of minor currency pairs, including the EURGBP, AUDJPY and EURJPY. Also, you will be able to trade from a selection of exotic currency pairs, such as the USDMXN, USDTRY and USDZAR.

The advantages of trading currencies with Lloyds Capital:

  • Comprehensive menu of tradable currencies
  • Narrow spreads
  • Advanced security measures
  • Complete transparency
  • Tight spreads
  • Comprehensive and powerful trading platform
  • Max leverage of 400:1

Humans have traded commodities for many centuries. The commodities market is the mechanism which allows for the exchanging of raw materials, such as copper, gold, silver, oil, wheat and more. Today, commodities traders use futures contracts via a worldwide network of commodities exchanges which are accessed online. The unique stature of commodities in human living has meant that multiple factors determine the supply and demand of these assets, and consequently, their pricing

Trading with Lloyds Capital provides access to a large selection of commodity CFDs. Trading CFDs means you will not need to enter futures contracts via exchanges, but you can instead, go long or short on a commodity market. Traders can utilize our various technical analysis tools to confidently identify trading opportunities within the exciting and dynamic commodities markets.


Stocks are securities representing ownership in private companies. These securities are divided into units known as shares. Investors who own shares receive proportional amounts of the profits which the company earns. Traders aim to profit through purchasing and selling stock shares based on price fluctuations in the markets.

With a Lloyds Capital trading account, investors will have access to a large menu of stocks from hundreds of global corporations. This includes many popular stocks such as Amazon, Apple, Bank of America and many more.


An index is basically a collection of stocks. The stocks can be related by industry, exchange or even geographical region. Indices offer some practical opportunities and advantages to investors. An index allows a trader the ability to capitalize from price volatility of that particular group of stocks, without the need to open positions for each individual stock.

Lloyds Capital provides our traders with access to numerous global indices, including the S&P 500, German DAX, Hong Kong Hang Seng, FTSE and more. You can also trade indices during the same hours as the regular stock market ensuring convenience and flexibility.


Cryptocurrencies have emerged as an exciting asset class over the past few years. Cryptocurrencies are simply digital currencies powered by the revolutionary blockchain technology. Since 2009, when Bitcoin was introduced to the markets, there have been many more cryptocurrencies developed that have entered the global trading markets and interestingly, as an asset class, they have outperformed traditional markets in the few years that they have existed. Recently, cryptocurrency markets have been quite volatile which means there are plenty of opportunities which traders could profit from. More and more investors are beginning to participate in this high-growth market and now you too can take part in trading this exciting asset class.

Lloyds Capital provides direct access to trade various cryptocurrency pairs such as BTC/ETH, BTC/XRP and many more. Also, you can trade crypto-fiat pairs such as the USD/BTC. We offer most of the more popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum and more.

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