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Copy Trading? What Is It?

At Lloyds Capital, we want to provide you with all the services, tools, and features to be able to trade the global financial markets in the right way. As such, we give you direct access to the trading Social platform, a leading technology and services provider in the brokerage industry.

Whether you are new to the online trading space, or an advanced trader, copy trading allows you to copy the trades of other successful traders. This is also an effective way to watch, learn and gain some real insight into how the top traders approach the market and the different strategies they use based on the existing market conditions.

The trading Social platform provides you with direct access to the live trades of other traders and you can then copy their trade positions in real-time. For added benefit, copy trading can be done automatically which means that copied trades can be opened in your Lloyds Capital account, without your intervention. This ensures that the right trades are opened at the right time. You simply allocate the funds in your Lloyds Capital account that you want to use for copy trading, select the assets you wish to trade, and click on the ‘Copy’ button. Simple!

Copy Trading? What Is It?
Using Copy Trading
Using Copy Trading

To start copy trading, you will need to access the trading Social platform which you can do with ease from the Lloyds Capital site. From here, you can then become a part of the Trading Social community. You can review the different profiles of the available traders and automatically copy the trades of the traders you select. It is really as simple as that!

When it comes to selecting which trader to copy, the trading Social platform is well designed so you can easily explore their community members by clicking on the Top Ranked traders, or the Spotlight buttons. You also have the flexibility to search for traders to copy by customizing your search. You can look for the Most Profitable traders or even the Most Copied traders. You can even access the live feed of available social trades by simply clicking on the Stream button on the Trading Social platform dashboard.

Once you have found a trader you are interested in copying, you can access their profile to review all of the statistics, the history of their trades, and their success rate. You can gain detailed insight into any trader down to the assets they trade and a full trading summary. You can also review a list of all other traders that are following the trader you are interested in. Once you are happy with your selection, simply start copying the trader.

The Benefits of Copy Trading

Copy trading gives you the chance to copy the trades of other successful traders in the market and it can boost your trading accuracy and insight. Here are some benefits of copy trading:

Copy trading can be accessed and done with ease from your Lloyds Capital account.

Trade your preferred assets even without years of prior experience and an understanding of the markets

You can copy trades automatically which means that an identical trade will be opened in your Lloyds Capital account even without your intervention.

When a copied trade ends successfully, the trader you are copying will make money, and so will you.

You can stop copying trades at any time with a simple click of a button.

The Benefits of Copy Trading

Accelerate Your Trading Success

To ensure you trade successfully, it is vital to understand the market and the many factors that impact asset prices. This is where social or copy trading can help. By copying successful traders and opening the same trades as them, you get the chance to learn more about the market and which strategies to apply to which assets. In addition, the Trading Social platform is reputable and easy to use and navigate.

Lloyds Capital is providing you with direct access to this advanced copy trading platform in a safe and transparent environment. The trading Social platform is also well-equipped with the necessary guidance and tools to ensure top results. It is easy to access the platform, select a trader based on profitability, assets, and more, and trade automatically. No matter your level of experience, you can copy the trades of those that match your trading preferences and risk tolerance. This can enhance your trading success.

Everyone Deserves the Best Opportunities

Let’s face it, trading online can be complicated. The more you understand about the markets and the many different factors that move asset prices, the more successful you will be. However, this type of insight takes a long time to master. Social trading has leveled the playing field and now, even new traders have direct access to the knowledge and strategies of the best traders in the market. As a result, anyone can now become a more successful trader with minimal effort and understanding of the market.

With Lloyds Capital and the trading Social platform, you now have access to an entire community of expert traders, their strategies, trading history, and trading results, so you can trade the right way. If you are a pro trader, this is an excellent way to extract vital data as to which trading moves work and in this way, you can finetune your trading strategies.

Copy Trading vs. Mirror Trading vs. Signals

Social trading has quickly evolved, and it now offers different ways of trading. As we have explained, copy trading allows you to copy, even automatically, the trades of other successful traders online. With copy trading, you are not responsible for doing market research and trade decisions. Simply sit back and the trades of top traders will automatically be opened in your trading account.

With Mirror trading, the focus is not on following other traders but rather on specific trading strategies. Mainly used in forex trading, you will need to select a strategy for your trading activities. That is, you will need to select the currency pair, how much to invest, when to open or close a trade, and more. Once your strategy is implemented by the developer, this trade will be automatically “mirrored” in your account. Mirror trading is a better investment option for experienced traders.

Another way to engage in social trading is to rely on trading signals or tips. In this type of trading, an analytical expert or experienced trader will give you access to trading tips or signals via a paid subscription service or social media account which you can then use to open trades in the market.

Social trading offers many benefits both for new and experienced traders and at Lloyds Capital, we provide you with direct access to the leading Trading Social platform. Get started now and learn how to master the online financial markets.

Start Copy Trading Now with Lloyds Capital

To get started with social trading on the Lloyds Capital platform, simply follow these 4 simple steps:

Open an account

1 Open an account

Log in to the trading platform

2 Log in to the trading platform

Start searching in social for the successful traders you wish to copy

3 Start searching in social for the successful traders you wish to copy

Start copying their trades or set the copying process to automated

4 Start copying their trades or set the copying process to automated

It is as easy as that! Start social trading with Lloyds Capital today.
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